Edge rounding

Edge rounding

"Providing a sharp edge with a radius"

Edge rounding of metal sheet parts refers to the process in which the sharp edges, corners, or rough surfaces of the sheet parts are rounded, smoothed, or chamfered. These sharp edges can occur after milling, drilling, or cutting sheet parts.

Edge rounding sheet parts is usually done to improve safety, prevent sharp edges that can cause injuries, and enhance the aesthetics of the workpiece. Additionally, coatings adhere better to rounded edges.

Together for the best edge rounding solution

With Q-Fin’s machines, it is possible to achieve a consistent radius in a single pass by breaking or rounding edges to the specified radius. This edge rounding is achieved by the brushes in the machine. The right combination of power, abrasives, and speed ensures that the Q-Fin machine delivers the perfect edge rounding.


Why edge rounding with Q-Fin?

  • Consistent Radius in a single pass
  • Cost-saving
  • Improved coating adhesion
  • Very user-friendly
  • Choice of edge rounding

Our solutions for Edge rounding

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