"Grinding the surface to a predetermined value"

Grinding roughness of metal sheet parts is a machining process in which the surface of metal sheet parts is processed to reduce roughness. Roughness refers to irregularities, pits, bumps, and other irregularities on the surface of the material.

Roughness grinding aims to make the surface smoother and more even by removing these irregularities. The desired or specified roughness is related to the product’s application. The smoother the surface, the less dirt can adhere.

Together for the best solution in roughness grinding

At Q-Fin, we have innovative machines for grinding to any desired roughness level and in accordance with all customer specifications and prescribed requirements and standards. All our fully automatic machines are suitable for grinding for roughness or thickness (with a tolerance of 0.1 mm). We can even demonstrate to you through a measurement the achieved roughness level on your product after finishing.


Why roughness with Q-Fin?

  • Easy roughness grinding
  • Extremely high precision
  • Flexibility in different roughness values
  • Very user-friendly
  • Time and cost savings

Our solutions for Roughness

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