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About Q-Fin


Q-Fin develops, builds, and supplies solutions for deburring, edge rounding, and finishing metal sheet parts. Additionally, we ensure efficient handling, insights in performance and high reliability. Whatever it takes to get the maximal result.

At Q-Fin, we help organisations that want to make a lasting impression. Businesses who are ready to get started with their 4.0 version. Those who believe that simple production processes are not obstacles, but opportunities to distinguish themselves from the rest. Just as we also strive to stand out.

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Our Core values

1. Pushing boundaries

Recognised as Europe’s Greatest

  • We help our clients make a difference
  • Machines with the highest output
  • Pushing boundaries together
  • Focus on profitability
  • Our machines are the new norm

2. Only for the best

With the best, for the best

  • For customers who want to make a difference
  • High-quality, aesthetic machinery
  • Further improving our machines, together
  • High-level customer experience
  • A reliable partner

3. Innovating together

Our knowledge becomes your advantage

  • Innovation is in our DNA
  • Operating outside of the box
  • Always looking for optimisations
  • Looking at the true needs within the market
  • One team in a modern working environment

The history of Q-Fin

Step by step and year by year, our timeline has endured growth, from the first building, the first mission, to where we have reached today. Together, we continue to build a future filled with innovative solutions. On the timeline, you can not only see our history but also the expansion in terms of national, international, and the number of employees.

Meet our Team

With the best people, for the best partners. Together, we ensure a suitable solution and service tailored to your requirements and wishes.

Need one of our employees? Please feel free to contact us, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.


Joost Kouwenbergh
Business Officer
+31(0)497581018 j.kouwenbergh@q-fin.nl
Anton Bax
+31(0)497581018 a.bax@q-fin.nl
Martijn Coppens
Operations & Service Manager
+31(0)497581018 m.coppens@q-fin.nl
Patrick van Scherpenseel
Account Manager Benelux
+31(0)643067005 p.scherpenseel@q-fin.nl
Fred Post
Account Manager Germany
+49(0)15140079146 f.post@qfin-finishing.de
Jonas Koch
Account Manager Germany
+49(0)1714753726 j.koch@qfin-finishing.de
Lotte Verkuijlen
+31(0)497581018 l.verkuijlen@q-fin.nl
Maaike Martens
+31(0)497581018 m.martens@q-fin.nl

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Certificates & Awards

Over the years, we have achieved various impressive certificates and awards. We are more than happy to showcase them.

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Arthur Kempen
Export Manager
+31 6 54 35 27 17 a.kempen@q-fin.nl