The compact powerhouse for deburring, edge rounding, and finishing small sheet metal parts up to 250 mm wide.

Increase your productivity with the F250, the compact machine that combines speed with versatility to optimize your production process. The F250 features a grinding unit followed by two disc brushes. The grinding belt removes burrs and/or provides a line finish. The brushes ensure the desired edge rounding of the product and give the surface a uniform finish.

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  • Specially designed for small sheet metal parts
  • Fully automatic adjustable stations
  • Simple to operate touchscreen
  • Complete control over the finish and edge rounding
  • Repetition of operations through adjustable programs

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The F250, a 3-station finishing machine, guarantees a safe and efficient processing of even the smallest parts thanks to the standard magnet or vacuum system.

The grinding unit is automatically adjustable in height and because it lifts up when switched off, scratches on the product are prevented. The brush units are equipped with electrical compensation to avoid brushing into the conveyor belt. With the intuitive touchscreen, you can seamlessly adjust the speed of the conveyor belt, brushes, and grinding belt, making every finish result achievable. The machine is equipped with automatically adjustable programs for effortless repetition of operation combinations and offers optional automatic brush calibration and QR code scanner for even more ease of use. All operating stations are fully automatic adjustable for an optimal user experience. With the latest software and full integration possibilities with handling and ERP systems, the F250 is ready to elevate your production process to the next level.

Conveyor belt speed 0.3 - 8 m¹/min
Product fixation Vacuum or magnet support
Minimum workpiece dimensions 10 x 10 mm (MAG) / 20 x 20 (VAC)
Maximum workpiece width 250 mm
Maximum workpiece height 100 mm
Connection value 400 V, 50 Hz, 23,5 A, 11,6 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2360 x 766 x 2260 mm
Weight 1350 kg
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Kinkelder Metal Solutions, Zevenaar

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