Easily return finished products to the front of the machine.

Why have two operators around the deburring machine when the job can be done by one operator? A return conveyor makes the processing of sheet metal parts twice as efficient by automatically returning the products to the front of the machine. This eliminates the need to catch and stack finished parts at the back of the machine. The productivity of the first operator will be doubled.

  • Available for all Q-Fin finishing machines
  • Doubling efficiency by eliminatingone operator
  • Solid, mobile construction
  • Infinitely adjustable speed
  • Suitable for variety of products

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The Q-Fin CSR400 and CSR800 return conveyor belts improve workflow and create an efficient solution for handling sheet metal parts without the need for an additional operator. The use of a return conveyor on a Q-Fin deburring and finishing machine means that products already finished on one side are returned to the operator on the infeed side of the machine. If desired, the operator can put the products through the machine again to finish the second side of the product as well. Or he can stack the products so that they can proceed to the next production step.

The result is more efficient material handling and labour savings. The independently adjustable speed control of the return belt, which is matched to the throughput of the Q-Fin deburring machine, enables the operator to process small to large series of products with little effort.

There is a suitable return conveyor for every type of Q-Fin machine. The CSR400 consists of a 400 mm wide conveyor belt with a chute and is suitable for installation on the F200. The other return belts consist of a set of two tables. One behind and one on the right side of the deburring machine. The frames of these separate tables are fitted with wheels so that you can easily move them to the side when not in use.

CSR400 CSR800
Return belt speed 0.3 - 6 m/min 0.3 - 6 m/min
Drive 0.18 kW motor with frequency control 0.18 motor with frequency control
Width of conveyor belt 400 mm 800 mm
Minimum workpiece dimension 65 x 65 mm 65 x 65 mm
Maximum workpiece dimension 280 x 280 mm 560 x 560 mm
Maximum belt load 100 kg 200 kg
Connected load 230 V, 50 Hz 230 V, 50 Hz

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