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‘Don’t tell them you’re the best. Show them.’

At Q-Fin, we understand that the quality of your product finishing is essential for your success. Therefore, we invite you to a demonstration of our advanced machines. If visiting one of our showrooms is not possible, we are happy to test your products to show you the quality of our machines. Send them to us and experience the highest finishing quality of our machines.

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What can you expect?

Send us your products: Send us your products along with your finishing requirements, and together we will determine the most suitable solution.

Free demonstration: We will record your product and our machine in action. This way, you can immediately see the difference Q-Fin can make.

Experience the quality: We will send the processed products back to your company along with detailed information about the treatments. This allows you to experience the quality firsthand.

Personalized advice: Receive tailored advice to implement the best finishing solutions for your business.

Prefer to visit the showroom?

Are you interested in one of our machines, but prefer to test it yourself? Schedule a no-obligation demonstration in our showroom. Contact us for more information, and we will get in touch with you to discuss dates and options.

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How does it work?

Registration: Fill out the contact form below and specify which products you would like to be demonstrated.
Contact: We will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements and arrange the shipment.
Shipment: Send your products to us. We will take care of the rest.
Demonstration: We will conduct a comprehensive demonstration with your products and, of course, send the finished products back to you.
Feedback: Receive a detailed report and personalized advice to optimize your production process.

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Customer story

Customer story

Van Bussel Metaaltechniek, The Netherlands

For Van Bussel Metaaltechniek, pushing boundaries is not an end in itself but rather a continuous pursuit of improvement and innovation. In this customer video, they share their experiences with us and our machines as a crucial partner in the pursuit of high-quality finishing of metal products.

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