Oxide layer

Oxide layer

"Removing the hard layer left on the cut edge after cutting, formed by reacting with oxygen"

Removing the oxide layer on cut flat sheet metal parts refers to the process of eliminating the thin layer of oxides or corrosion that forms on the cut surface of metal sheet parts. This oxide layer often develops as a result of cutting processes such as laser, plasma, or water jet cutting, where the metal is exposed to high temperatures and chemical reactions with air and other environmental factors.

Removing the oxide layer is essential to enhance the quality and functionality of the cut metal sheet parts. This oxide layer can affect the adhesion and quality of further processes, such as welding, coating, painting, or assembly.

Together for the best solution in oxide layer removal

With Q-Fin’s innovative machines, in combination with the appropriate brushes, you can easily remove this oxide layer. It is even possible to rid steel plates of the oxide layer and apply a finish in a single pass. For the removal of this laser oxide, Q-Fin recommends brushes with specially developed wire fillings. These brushes enable optimal oxide layer removal and ensure clear metal cut edges.


Why oxide layer with Q-Fin?

  • Easy removal of oxide layer
  • Guaranteed clear cut edges
  • Removing oxide layer and finishing in a single pas
  • Time-saving

Our solutions for Oxide layer

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