"Applying a multi-directional grinding pattern to a surface"

Directionless finishing of metal sheet parts refers to the process in which the surfaces of metal sheet parts are finished without a specific, noticeable texture or line direction. Instead of distinct lines or grooves, the surface has a uniform, smooth appearance.

Directionless finishing is ideal for applications where no distinct lines or patterns are desired, allowing the sheet parts to be used in all possible directions. This type of finish, often referred to as a random or swirl finish, is commonly used among architects and machine builders.

Together for the best directionless finish solution

Q-Fin has designed a range of innovative finishing machines that allow you to effortlessly achieve a directionless finish on your metal sheet parts. By using the Multibrush brushes, you can automatically achieve a directionless finish in a single pass.


Why non-directional with Q-Fin?

  • Consistent directionless finish quality
  • Time and cost savings
  • High user-friendliness
  • Use sheet parts in all directions

Our solutions for Non-directional

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