Optimize your output

In one pass, double-sided deburring and finishing? That’s possible with Q-Fin’s reversing unit. With our solutions for double-sided deburring and finishing, you can increase production speed without additional steps.

Consider, for instance, the processing of heavy and/or large steel plate parts that require a significant edge radius on both sides to ensure good adhesion of the powder coating. These parts must be fed through the machine twice and reversed in between. This reversal step is often done manually or with the assistance of an overhead crane. It is a time-consuming, physically demanding task for operators and not entirely safe. Because Q-Fin’s GrindingPower philosophy dictates that products can only achieve a large radius on one side at high speed, Q-Fin has developed a reversing station in widths of 600, 1200, and 1500 mm.

Together for the best handling solutions

Q-Fin excels in providing cutting-edge handling solutions for our deburring machines. Our offerings encompass (return) conveyor belts, robotic systems, and a turnaround station. These solutions optimize workflow, reduce labor, and guarantee high-quality deburring across steel, aluminum, and stainless steel materials. Elevate your metal component finishing with Q-Fin.


Why reversing with Q-Fin?

  • Save time and resources
  • Ideal for batch production
  • Work safely and ergonomically
  • Maximize your output

Our solutions for Reversing

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