Edge bevelling

Edge bevelling

"Applying a beveled weld edge or radius at a specific angle on a metal sheet part"

Edge bevelling is a machining process in which the edges of a workpiece, typically a metal sheet part, are milled to prepare them for further processing. Edge milling is often applied to metal sheet parts that have been cut and welded, resulting in sharp edges or rough corners.

The purpose of edge bevelling is to remove sharp edges by creating a beveled weld edge or rounding the corners, providing the workpiece with a finished and safe appearance. Additionally, the beveled edge increases the welding area, allowing the welding material to adhere in more places. This enhances the connection between the two sheet parts, improves the weld penetration, and enhances coating adhesion.

Together for the best edge bevelling solution

With Q-Fin’s manually operated TopEdge tabletop milling machine, you can easily and quickly mill weld edges or a radius. The machine’s tool holder is compatible with the same Beveltools milling cutters you are familiar with from handheld milling machines. However, with the TopEdge, you can work much more comfortably and experience significantly less vibration (vibration white finger, VWF, or HAVS).


Why edge bevelling with Q-Fin?

  • Easily mill weld edges or a radius
  • Time-saving
  • Significantly less vibration
  • Lighter workload

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