Quickly mill a perfect radius or bevel a welding joint preparation.

The TopEdge by Q-Fin is a manually operated machine with which you can simply and quickly mill various radius or bevels under various angels. With the TopEdge you can apply a proper bevel with little effort and cost-effectively. Or you can mill the radius wanted (for example to ensure an adequate coverage of the edges when powder coating). This way you can produce in accordance with all the applicable guidelines.

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  • Simple and fast semi-automatic milling
  • Magnetic system for product fixation included
  • Comfortable to use for optimal ergonomics
  • Safe 2-button operation with CE marking
  • Balance arm convenient to use

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By means of the balance arm and sufficient mass of the milling head you can mill a constant and accurate radius or slanted edge with little physical effort and vibration. The milling head can be configured on various positions (angles) for diverse processes. Furthermore, the milling head features an intake, with which tools can be easily exchanged. Most of the available milling heads worldwide (i.e. those of BevelTools) can be used on the TopEdge.

The bevel allows for a larger welding surface, so that the consumable material can attach to more spots. Hereby, the connection between the two sheet components is improved as well as the weld fill. With this semi-automatic milling machine, it is also possible to mill a radius of choice to your product, from R=2 to R=8 (steel, aluminium or stainless steel). The TopEdge is standard delivered with a hole pattern in the work surface, as you can also find in a welding table. Combined with the welding clamps, you can securely clamp the product to the work table.
As an option, the work table can be equipped with electro magnets so that you can fixate your steel products very quickly. Pulling force 300 kg per magnet.

The TopEdge has 2-hand operation so you can always work safe. Compared to handheld milling tools the vibrations are reduced, eliminating the chance of white fingers syndrom (VWF or HAVS)

Marking CE
Operation swing bar with 2-hand operation
Electro magnets optional: 4
Milling head 1
Maximum workpiece width 780 mm / length unlimited
Machine power supply 400 V. 50 Hz, 10 A, 6 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1435 x 1100 x 1510 mm
Weight 445 kg
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Kinkelder Metal Solutions, Zevenaar

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