Line grain

Line grain

"Applying grinding lines in the correct direction on the product for a sleek finish"

Line grain finishing of metal sheet parts refers to the process of applying a consistent and directed finish to the surfaces of metal sheet parts. This is achieved through grinding with a selected grit size to create a linear texture according to preferences.

The purpose of line finishing is to enhance the visual appeal of the sheet parts while providing a uniform and professional appearance. The result is a surface with clearly visible lines or grooves that offer an orderly and attractive appearance.

Together for the best line grain solution

With Q-Fin’s innovative finishing machines, you can effortlessly achieve a linear finish on your metal sheet parts. By simply placing the appropriate abrasive belt with the desired grit size on the machine, you have complete control over your preferred linear finish. Additionally, finishing with Scotch-Brite or Trizact is also an option.


Why line grain with Q-Fin?

  • Applying a consistent linear finish
  • Quick and easy abrasive belt changes
  • Time and cost savings
  • High user-friendliness
  • Flexibility in various linear finishing

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