Batch production using a driven input and/or output conveyor.

  • Enables batch production
  • More efficient material handling
  • Available in multiple variants
  • With or without control from te deburring machine

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Product feed into the deburring machine via a conveyor belt makes processing large batches of sheet metal parts much more efficient. By also placing a conveyor belt behind the deburring machine, finished parts can be collected at the back.

The conveyor belts are very robust and have a length of 3400 mm. These conveyors are linked to the deburring machine in terms of speed and power supply. The infeed and outfeed conveyors were developed by Q-Fin to ensure more efficient material handling and to be able to work faster.

Conveyor belt speed 0.3 - 8 m/min
Drive 0.75 kW motor with frequency control
Length table 3400 mm
Power supply via Q-Fin finishing machine
Speed control via Q-Fin finishing machine
Maximum belt load 200 kg

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Van Bussel, Asten

How stainless steel specialists van Bussel can shorten their lead time with Q-Fin’s machines.

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