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Whether you are an old hand in the metal industry, or you are relatively new to the field, you will soon come to realise the difference that burring can make to your business. Running a smooth and efficient production line is vital to your company and the toll that grinding and cutting takes, can be substantial.

Burrs are small metal spikes that form over time, created by the force and the impact of the sheet metal cutting machine. These spikes, if left untreated, have the possibility of damaging further output and ruining the quality of any future work. It is therefore essential, that investment into deburring machinery becomes a number one priority.

At Q-fin, we specialise in professional products that have been made to treat these very issues. With many years of experience in the trade, our professional team will be able to advise you on the best choice for your business needs.

One of the most effective and impressive pieces of equipment, is the market leading F1200. This machine offers a runtime which is a stunning five times faster than other leading brands and can provide a finish of your choosing.

The F1200 burring machine allows you to personalise your equipment, by offering a choice of deburring, grinding, edge breaking, edge rounding and even the removal of oxide film. But it doesn’t stop there, because this machine can also allow you to select a combination of the different processes, speeding up your production time to an even higher standard.

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