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When it comes to investing in your business, you need professional advice from those who understand it as well as you do. Here at Q-fin, our experts have over 30 years experience in the metal industry trades and have experienced all aspects of the work, first hand. Because of that expert knowledge, our team have produced a range of equipment that genuinely and accurately tackles the issues of machinery burring.

You cannot expect a machine to work at maximum efficiency, if it is covered with the wear and tear of everyday use. Nothing lasts forever but by choosing our metal grinding machine, you can attack those burrs, dents and imperfections, allowing your machinery to last longer and look better all round.

Our F600 machine is an ideal choice for speeding up the time consuming processes of deburring, grinding and edge rounding. It offers an impressive speed of up to five times that of its nearest competitor and allows a straight line grain finish if required. The machinery operates by putting the materials through a series of processes. Choosing either a magnet based system, or a vacuum one, it passes through the first stage, in which a grinding belt works to remove the imperfections and burrs. After this, it passes through two different brush units, designed to break down any sharp edges.

The F600 metal grinding machine really does take the hard work out of maintenance issues and with regular use, will keep your valuable machinery looking as good as new.

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At Q-Fin, we like to do things differently. Why? Because you’ll never be the greatest if you only look at others. To us, becoming the best isn’t a goal in itself. But the competitive advantage that you gain from working with our machines, is.

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