Sheet metal finishing machine

When it comes to deburring and finishing machinery, it doesn’t get much better than this. The F1200 is a top of the line model which offers a fast and effective solution for industrial machinery. If your business deals with a metal based production line, you will know all too well, the problems and issues caused by everyday wear and tear. The repeated actions of your equipment will usually result in some damage to machinery parts, something which is not a problem with the F1200.

At Q-fin, we understand your business needs, as well as the requirements of your specialised equipment and production line. While everyday use is bound to take its toll on machinery parts, there is no need for it to become a much bigger problem, as long as it is addressed quickly. Regular maintenance will save your company time, money and future problems, by ensuring that your machinery remains in top condition at all times.

Our sheet metal finishing machine, can handle all your regular maintenance needs and used on a regular basis, will keep your machinery in pristine condition. The F1200 is capable of handling a variety of materials and can be successfully used with steel, stainless steel, aluminium and synthetics. It offers a run time which is five times higher than similar machinery, reducing machine downtime to a minimum and allowing your production line to remain on target.

Ignoring basic maintenance issues could lead to expensive and unnecessary replacement of machinery. It could also damage both your deadline targets and reputation. Invest in an F1200 today and ensure your business is fully protected for the future.

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