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Deburring is a necessary process with any machinery designed to cut and finish metal. The process of removing the small metal spurs, produced over time, is essential to the safety and productivity of the working environment. Full manual removal of these by hand can be a long and arduous process and can often prove a less than safe procedure. At Q-fin, we provide xl grinding machinery to the industry that meets the needs of all these tasks, removing indentations and pitting, quickly and efficiently.

The dangers of leaving burring and pitting untreated, are many. Long term use may cause even further damage to the machinery and could become a danger to those operating it. It could also lead to expensive machine replacements. The good news is, by using a professional standard xl grinding machine, this will prevent those worries, allowing your business to produce high quality goods, without unnecessary downtime.

The TopGrinder, is a popular option for edge rounding, deburring, metal grinding and polishing. It allows workpieces to be clamped quickly to it, offering a choice of grinding pressure, as needed. It is able to operate with workpieces made from steel, stainless steel or aluminium and is available in both a vacuum and magnet based option.

With its double holders, you can easily change from a brush to a grinding disk in seconds and the head is fully adjustable. The TopGrinder also comes complete with a starter kit, allowing you to be up and running in no time at all.

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