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Here at Q-Fin, we offer an unrivalled service to our customers. Our many years of expertise in the field, with a hands-on approach, has enabled us to learn our trade inside out. This ensures we can offer you practical and helpful advice, specifically geared towards your personal situation. Our knowledge in the field of industrial equipment, has enabled us to become a market leader in the deburring and finishing process industry. We have seen the issues your business will face and have designed products that will prove invaluable to your future.

There are various options we are able to provide to our clients, including a large range of finishing procedures to maintain and refurbish industrial, metal based machinery. When dealing with radius sheet metal parts on a regular basis, we have seen for ourselves the damage that appears over time, wearing down your equipment parts with indentations and creating metal burring. When your radius sheet metal parts become damaged in this way, the smooth surface that you rely on for high quality production suddenly becomes a liability. The markings on your machinery parts, will soon lead to production failure and this can be a nightmare for your business.

Our machinery has been designed for this very purpose. We offer a range of deburring and grinding tools that will gently smooth down your damaged equipment, allowing your radius sheet metal parts to operate as good as new. Just contact our friendly team today and ask for more details about our products.

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