Oxide Removal Machine

Oxide film build up can be a debilitating process when it comes to metal finishing machinery. The gradual accumulation of film, along with the perils of daily use, can leave machinery parts badly marked and unproductive. At Q-fin, we specialise in designing and building machinery that wipes away the ravages of time, restoring your machinery parts back to full working order.

Our friendly team of experts are all extremely knowledgable with the ins and outs of the metal finishing business. They have a combined knowledge which covers all aspects of the process, allowing them a unique insight into solving everyday issues. We are proud to have designed equipment that has gone onto become top market leaders and can say with certainty, that our products will make your business life easier all round.

One of our top oxide removal machine options, is the small but impressive F200. Not as large as some of our other models, it is capable of tackling issues such as burring, grinding, rounding and oxide film build up. Ideal for smaller spaces, it is easily operated with a simple button system, making this the most user friendly option on the market today.

This model comes in various options, depending on your needs, with a combination of brushes and abrasive belts. It is capable of operating with a vacuum or magnet based system and comes equipped with full speed adjustments. With a choice of finish available, this really is a small machine that packs a very big punch.

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