Metal linisher

A linisher turns a belt or disc of abrasive material to smooth a workpiece, creating a level, even surface. It can even be used to (pre-)polish materials. Materials to be linished are usually sheet metal parts but, can be wood or plastic also.

The abrasive belt of a linisher machine is continuous and runs over rollers.  One of the rollers is driven by an electric motor (the grinding head). This linishing belt normally is the first station in our Q-Fin deburring and grinding machines. The belt can be used for deburring (pre-grinding) or finish grinding (line grain finishing).

Discs (brushes Ø 260 mm) and belts are made of abrasive material bonded to a backing of paper, cloth and/or scotch brite. Linishings belt are available in e.g. grid K240, K320, K400, Scotch Brite Medium (M) and Scotch Brite Very Fine (VF). The abrasive belt (also called sanding paper, finishing belt, grinding belt or linishing belt) is available in a lot of different qualities and grids. Also see the website of our partner specialized in abrasive materials:

Q-Fin Quality Finishing produces linishers used for smoothing stainless steel, linishers used for smoothing aluminium and linishers used for the abrasive sanding of stainless steel. We can even grind for a certain roughness (Ra). Check our program to find the linishers most suitable for you. We built machine with an operational width of 200, 600 and 1200 mm. If, let’s say, 80% of your products has a width of 200 mm or less our F200 XL (Pro Set) would be a very good solution for you. This machine can finish parts as small as 15 x 15 mm. In another case, if 70% of your products is between 200 and 1200 mm wide the F1200 is the machine to have. All Q-Fin Linishers are available with a vacuum system (for non-ferrous products like stainless steel and aluminium) or with a magnet system (for steel and other ferrous parts).

Opt for Q-Fin if you want to have the fastest linishing machine around, easiest operation and determine the output finish yourselve. Our belt grinding machines are built to finish sheet metal parts up to 1200 mm wide. E.g. parts that have been laser cut, waterjet cut, plasma cut or punched.

Q-Fin Quality Finishing: High quality machines for Abrasive Sanding, Linishing and Grinding Belts for metal parts.

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