Deburring Metal

One of the biggest and most important aspects of any modern workplace is the health and safety of its staff. The metal processing production line, can be a tough environment, with many challenges and unless handled correctly, could result in injury.

Deburring metal machinery is a process that is an essential part of maintaining a successful and productive business. The procedure involves the removal of small, often very sharp metal burrs or spikes, caused by general wear and tear. Metal burring is a natural part of the metal cutting process and in itself, not a problem but it should be treated on a regular basis.

In todays modern workplace, safety standards have increased greatly and there are now machines that can take away the risky business of deburring metal manually. At Q-fin, we are proud to offer only the best choices in equipment that have been designed by experts, for businesses just like yours.

One of our most popular models is the F200 XL. This is a step above our baseline model, the F200, and offers an extra grinding brush. This results in much faster speeds and the very highest quality edge rounding and smoothing, making your business a step above the rest.

The F200 XL can be equipped with either a vacuum system, for non-ferrous metals, or a magnet system, for ferrous metals. With a running time that is up to five times the speed of comparable rival models. it is guaranteed to help your business run like clockwork.