Metal Burr Removal

The problem of metal burr removal is one that is all too familiar in the metal finishing industry. An annoying problem that is the result of general wear and tear on machinery plates, it causes indentations and metal spurring through repeated use. These metal spurs are also known as burrs and are an issue that should be addressed on a regular basis.

Metal burr removal is not an easy manual task. A long, hard, time consuming process that could offer considerable safety risks, could be made all the easier by sensible and considered investment into a high quality, efficient deburring machine. There are a choice of these on the market today and we at Q-fin are proud to offer a series of options, that have been designed to cover all situations.

The F600 is ideal for machinery parts with a width of up to 600mm. An extremely efficient machine, it speeds its way through processes including deburring, grinding, edge rounding, sheet metal bending and the removal of oxide film, with ease. Designed to handle non-ferrous plate parts, this machinery comes with a choice of either magnet or vacuum support. It features a clear control panel and a stable grinding belt with a width of 630mm.

The brush unit of this particular model features four brushes, that rotate counter to each other. This is able to create smooth edge rounding and ensures the highest possible production speed and quality at all times. Please contact us for more information on this model.