Broad belt grinding machine

Q-fin is a reliable supplier of machines including broad belt grinding machines. Consider our F1200 to process the larger workpieces up to 1200 mm.

These broad belt grinding machines are developed and produced in-house. We distinguish ourselves by a high-end service. Our skilled staff know all the secrets of the trade. Based on this knowledge, a broad belt grinding machine has been developed that offers more than other broad belt grinding machines on the market. The wet extractors finish off the package of Q-fin. The dust is pulled through the water with force whereby the dust is separated from the air. The dust sinks to the bottom and stays under water, preventing explosive gasses from forming. Do you want to know more about what Q-fin has got to offer you in the field of broad belt grinding machines, deburring machines or wet extractor systems, then look further through our product assortment. There you will see also that Q-fin handles the Q-edge standard for the achievement of the right constant radius on your workpieces.