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When it comes to providing machinery to the metal industry, Q-fin are proud to be market leaders. Our xl grinder systems have been designed by a team of experts in the industry and offer the best in safe and efficient workplace options. We are passionate about our work and can say with absolute certainty that our machines, will make your business operate more efficiently than ever before.

One of our top models in this category is the TopGrinder. This is a very impressive piece of kit and features manual operation for full control over grinding, deburring, edge rounding and polishing. The TopGrinder allows the procedures to be completed in a much quicker timeframe than if done by hand and provides a safer and more productive working environment.

With this xl grinder model, you are able to choose the level of grinding pressure that you require, working swiftly to remove indentations, burring and pitting from stainless steel, steel and aluminium. The dimensions of the work surface are 1200 x 780mm, meaning that it can work with items up to 780mm in width. As the sides of the unit can be removed, there are no limitations on length.

The TopGrinder also focuses highly on safety and ease of use. It operates with a two button mechanism, ensuring that the well being of those operating the machinery, is never compromised. With its ergoniomic design, adjustable speeds and vacuum system, this is a machine that will enhance any workplace, allowing production to continue uninterrupted.

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