Wet filter

A wet filter can be combined with a deburring machine of Q-fin, with the applications of grinding, deburring and polishing to extract the dust. The filter is often used for the extraction of aluminium dust, which is explosive when this dust is captured dry. The method of a wet-operating extractor is to separate the dust from the air by forcefully extracting the air-dust mixture through the water. The dust is absorbed by the water and sinks to the bottom of the wet filter. Subsequently the water is again separated from the air, so that clean air comes out of the wet extractor system.

Among other machines, Q-fin supplies the WES. This wet operating filter system is completely made out of stainless steel. The WES is the safest manner of extraction in combination with machines that deburr and grind.

Q-fin produces the WES with 3kW or 7,5 kW and all wet filters are equipped with a damper. Q-fin produces and delivers, besides the wet filter systems, high-quality deburring and grinding machines for small and larger products.