Deburring machines with an extraction system used for metal dust suction

All Q-Fin deburring and grinding machines can be delivered in combination with a stainless steel wet extraction system (WES). The deburring machines standard feature a vacuum system and are very ergonomic and economical. Hereby, these are the indispensable addition to the existing deburring machines, to maintain a high and consistent quality. This way, the finishing of strips, tubular profiles and workpieces can be carried out perfectly with an adapted edition of the deburring machine of Q-Fin. Ofcourse this deburring and grinding causes metal dust to be released. For extracting this metal dust Q-Fin developed an all stainless steel, wet operating suction system.

To safely and properly extract the metal dust that is formed by deburring and grinding on deburring and grinding machines, Q-Fin offers 2 versions of suction system with wet extraction.

The major advantage of metal dust suction using a wet filter is the fact that the dust is separated from the water by suction of the air-dust mixture with force through the water. The metal dust is absorbed by the water and sinks to the bottom. Subsequently, the water is separated again from the air, so that clean air comes out of the suction system. On the bottom of the wet extractor the Q-Fin has removable containers. This way it is easier to clean the wet operating suction system without having to empty it completely.