Metal dust collection

Industrial manufacturing plants exist in tough, hard working environments and it’s vital that the workplace is kept clean and operational at all times. Working in the metal industry obviously produces a great deal of waste and metal dust collecting is an important part of the daily process.

Debris and waste products can cause a great deal of damage if left untreated, with mini particles in the air it can provide a risk to health and safety, as well as causing damage to the machinery itself. This is why a high quality metal dust collector is one of the most important investments that you will make for your business, ensuring a clean, waste free environment that allows your company to continue production without any serious issues.

Metal dust collection might not be something that you think about as a top priority but unless it’s planned for and established early on, it could incur extra costs and require damage limitation for your business, so don’t leave it until it’s too late. At Q-fin, we make your business, our business and can help and advise on all types of metal dust collecting methods. We offer a choice of both wet and dry collection systems and can offer a range of models that will suit your budget as well as your business.

Another danger of leaving waste and debris to build up, is fire. Aluminium metal particles can get extremely hot in production and in turn will need to be cooled down and gathered safely together before being disposed of. Our systems remove these from the air and prevent inhalation, offering a much safer working environment all round.

Don’t take a chance with the safety or production power of your business, its not worth the risk and could ultimately be a very costly mistake to make. At Q-fin our experts are on hand whenever you need us and we can offer you whatever solution you need for your business. You can contact us via our website or just give us a call and we can offer you expert advice with no obligation to purchase.

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