Edge Rounding

Deburring, or edge rounding, is a term well known within the metal processing and finishing industry. While all machinery suffers wear and tear over time, products that deal with strong metals are liable to end up with pitting, denting and burring, guaranteed to damage future output unless treated quickly.

Burring is a normal part of the process when dealing with a metal based production line. The sharp metal spurs are caused by the repeated actions of the machinery parts and should be subject to regular maintenance to prevent future quality issues. It takes perfect machinery to produce perfect products, so it’s worth investing some time and money when it comes to protecting your investments.

When looking at potential purchases for your business, we at Q-fin highly recommend the F200 XL. This edge rounding machine has been designed to solve the problems of daily wear and tear, gradually grinding down the rough edges and imprints, until your machinery is looking its best once again.

The F200 XL can be used with stainless steel, aluminium or steel and ensures a process that is quick, effective and cost-efficient for your business. In many cases, the throughput of the F200 XL, is a massive five times faster than than other comparable machines, allowing your machinery to get back up to full production in no time at all.

This system also features a unique brush-height tracking system and comes with a starter kit, including abrasive belts and grinding materials. Contact us today for more information.