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Q-fin are proud to have a reputation in the finishing industry, for building and providing the highest standard of machinery. We value innovation and have a passion for our work, which we believe, shows in the products we create. Customer loyalty is of the utmost importance to us, so we are always on hand to provide help, advice and information to any of our prospective clients, when needed.

Our team of experts, know pretty much everything there is to know about multiple grinding and deburring techniques. We believe in a hands-on approach and have a wide range of knowledge, covering all aspects of the finishing industry.

Deburring is a process which tackles the problem of wear on machinery parts. Using a professional grade edge rounder, it grinds down the rough and uneven surfaces, leaving machinery parts looking as good as new. Working with worn equipment is a hazardous path to take, and will often result in greater damage, machine replacement and blemishes to finished goods. If left, it can also prove to be a risk to health and safety in the workplace.

The F200 XL machine is the ideal choice for deburring and grinding. It is an efficient edge rounder that works at high speed, while offering you a choice of finishes. It is able to handle very small products, unlike some larger machinery and features a unique vacuum system for even greater accuracy. The addition of a bowl brush, also ensures that the edge rounder technique operates to perfection.

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At Q-Fin, we like to do things differently. Why? Because you’ll never be the greatest if you only look at others. To us, becoming the best isn’t a goal in itself. But the competitive advantage that you gain from working with our machines, is.

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