Often, it are precisely the small workpieces of metal that need deburring, because they become hotter in the laser cutting machines and exactly for the deburring of these parts of metal, there was not really a solution before Q-fin. Q-fin is the only ideal solution with a grinding belt for deburring and a brush for rounding metal, supported by a powerful vacuum and pressure rollers. Because the workpieces are fixated in a safe manner, much more pressure can be put on the workpieces and therefore the deburring of the metal is perfect and the rounding is also much better. Q-fin, Dutch Finishing Solutions thus offers the perfect solution when it comes to the deburring of small workpieces. Manual deburring often leads to uneven deburring. With the deburring machines of Q-fin you can be sure that the deburring of larger quantities is carried out properly and evenly.