Deburring Aluminium

When it comes to making an investment in your company, the choice can be a confusing one. Choosing the correct purchases for a business can make a huge difference in your metal production output and so, must be a carefully thought out process. The machinery that you use daily, is at the very heart of your production line and is something you rely on to work relentlessly every day, without failure. To increase the chance of this, you should consider the purchase of a deburring aluminium machine.

At Q-fin, our experts are always on hand to help and advise you through the minefield of buying equipment. With over 30 years experience in the trade, our professional team know the pitfalls of the metal finishing industry all too well. With this in mind, they have built and produced a choice of machinery that has been specifically designed to cope with the rigours of an everyday production line.

When it comes to deburring aluminium, you need equipment that is going to operate quickly and smoothly, without causing any unnecessary interruption to your output. Our F1200 deburring machine can operate at speeds up to five times faster than its market rivals, while operating with components up to 1200mm wide. It can process stainless steel, steel, aluminium and even synthetics and can be tailored precisely for your business with a choice of either vacuum or magnet supports. As well as deburring, the F1200 supports grinding, edge rounding, edge breaking and removal of oxide film.

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At Q-Fin, we like to do things differently. Why? Because you’ll never be the greatest if you only look at others. To us, becoming the best isn’t a goal in itself. But the competitive advantage that you gain from working with our machines, is.

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