Steel Finishing

The process of steel finishing is a precise and intricate operation. In a tough and often harsh production line, it is important that every detail is attended to and this is made much easier with reliable equipment that you know you can trust.

We understand that your reputation is important to you. Meeting vital deadlines, producing high quality steel finishing and ensuring your customers needs are met, are an everyday part of life. As such, we would like to help your productivity remain at maximum efficiency and without any breakdowns or delays.

Our machinery specialises in the metal industry and our fully trained team understand the rigours of everyday use, when it comes to steel finishing. We are proud to provide a range of equipment that addresses all your business needs, dealing with problems before they become more serious.

If you interested in a cost effective solution for wear and tear issues on your equipment, you’ve come to the right place. The F1200 deburring machine is a popular, top of the range choice for a multitude of issues. It is capable of handling steel finishing as well as other materials such as synthetics, stainless steel and aluminium.

As well as removing small metal burrs and incineration points from your machinery, it can offer processes such as edge breaking, edge rounding, grinding and even removal of oxide film. You can also combine these options, making Q-fin the only manufacturer that can offer this in one process. With an extremely fast runtime and a table grinding belt with a width of 1200mm, the F1200 is a top quality choice for your business.