Stainless Steel Finishing

Specialist machinery requires specialist care and here at Q-fin, we are proud to be suppliers to the industrial metal industry. Our equipment has been designed specifically with your business in mind, allowing maintenance and quality control issues to be addressed with ease.

Stainless steel finishing is a precise art, the high polish and smooth surface required, would simply not be possible without a helping hand along the way. Machinery that deals with harsh metal surfaces on a daily basis are in danger of wearing, risking future production and lost manpower. Small sharp metal spikes, known as burrs, along with dents and scratches, are often results of hard working equipment. This is perfectly normal and with regular maintenance, can be repaired in no time at all.

Our F1200 machine is more than capable of doing the job. As well as refining your stainless steel finishing machinery, it can also deal with aluminium, steel and even synthetics. This offers a very cost effective and varied choice for your company, ensuring all issues are dealt with quickly and easily.

The F1200 has many unique features and gives you the choice of either vaccuum or magnet support, to be used for both non-ferrous and ferrous metals. It offers a process which covers deburring, grinding, edge breaking, edge rounding, removal of oxide film and even a combination of various processes.

With a running time which is five times faster than similar machines, the F1200 is an impressive piece of kit. It can handle finishing plate parts for a width of up to 1200mm and is one of our top selling options for maintenance and finishing.

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