Metal Grinder

The problem of burring in industrial machinery, is a potentially serious one and is something that should be addressed at the earliest available opportunity.

Burring produces a series of sharp spikes and rough edges, which can damage your companies productivity and potentially lead to inactive machinery. The investment of a metal grinder therefore, is a smart choice when it comes to investing in the long-term health of your business.

Grinding is a process that eases away the worn metal edges, methodically smoothing out the dents and leaving a surface that is practically as good as new. There is a full range of metal grinding machines available, ranging from K40 – K320 grain size. This ensures you are offered the maximum versatility to purchase the best match for your requirements.

A big advantage of a metal grinder, is that is has the ability to cope with the toughest of surfaces. Smoothing and buffing out even the hardest stainless steel, while leaving a surface that is ready to be up and running again in a short space of time. This is far preferable to losing precious production days dealing with equipment which has been left untreated. That is something which could require much longer downtime and cause serious financial loss to both your company and your customers.

A metal grinder is not only a sensible investment when it comes to maintaining your current machinery. Used regularly, it will prevent the need for the replacement of expensive equipment. It will also prevent lost custom, something that is always a concern when a piece of machinery is declared out of action due to damage.

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