Inox deburring machine

Do you want to know more about inox deburring machines? Then you have come to the right place at Q-Fin. The deburring machines specially build for finishing inox by Q-Fin are known in the deburring and grinding field. All our inox deburring machines are developed in the Netherlands, and are also produced in the Netherlands. Our latest deburring machines are being produced at a high speed and distributed across the world. A deburring machine that every self-respecting inox or other metal processing business should have. Q-Fin sets the standard.

Inox is another word for Stainless Steel, also know as SS, 304, 316. Inox is related to the French ‘inoxydable’, the Italian ‘inossidabile’ and the Spanish ‘inoxidable’.

Should you be interested in our machines for deburring, grinding and edge round inox sheet metal parts, then we gladly bring you in contact with our references. However, we would much rather welcome you at our showroom. We will then show you all the possibilities that our machines offer and answer all your questions. If desired, we test your own products on our machines.