Grinding Dust Extractor

When it comes to working in the industrial metal sector, you know that your machinery has to work as hard as you do. Dealing with everyday wear and tear can be a major issue, but the production of waste deposits, such as dust and particles can be equally as important.

Machinery that has been designed to grind, smooth and polish metals invariably produces waste. If left, this waste could cause untold damage to both future machinery production, as well as the health and safety of those operating the equipment. It is therefore, vital that these particles are cleared away at the point of production. This would ensure that no contamination of either the workplace, or the machinery, exists.

Grinding dust extractors are available as either wet or dry systems, each of which have different advantages in various environments. Wet extractors typically work best when using components such as aluminium, whereas wood chip particles would suit a dry extraction system. We are able to supply both options and would be happy to advise you on the best solution for your business.

The health and safety aspect of any production line is a major consideration in all workplaces. Available technology has greatly increased safety standards and the metal industry, amongst others, has benefitted greatly from this. Dust extraction systems ensure that the dust and particles, produced by metal grinding equipment, will never become a future safety concern. In fact the efficient filtering system will allow workers to operate safely and at maximum efficiency at all times. This protects your staff and ensures an uninterrupted production line. A win-win situation for all concerned.

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