Deburring stainless steel: an essential process

As stainless steel is shaped and processed (for instance by sawing, slicing or stamping it), small, spiky nodes can develop on the surface. These are called ‘burrs’, and though they are not always immediately visible to the naked eye, they can severely impede the workings of stainless steel components by causing additional friction and wear, and even allowing fractures to develop in the steel over time. Thus, it is essential to deburr stainless steel, i.e. to remove these burrs from its surface. Deburred stainless steel components work much more effectively and efficiently. They also look shinier and more well finished.

Deburring machinery is a crucial aspect of any production process

Many manufacturers do not include deburring machines in their production line and as a result they churn out inferior quality products. Ideally, machines for deburring stainless steel parts ought to be the next step in the line after all of the hard work is done by sawing, form cutting and slicing machines. You should deburr stainless steel components of all shapes and sizes, even if they are hidden from the user’s view as the effect of deburring is not just an aesthetic one but also a functional one. We provide only the very best quality machinery for deburring stainless steel parts, and we have plenty of different options for you to choose from, so you will find it very easy to find the machine that will provide you with the best addition to your steelworking factory.

If you do not currently deburr stainless steel, it’s time to start now

Including new equipment for deburring stainless steel in your factory’s production process could be one of the most positive changes that you ever make. Browse our collection of machinery today.