Aluminium Grinding Machine

Whether you are an industry expert with many years of experience under your belt, or are new to the metal finishing industry, we at Q-fin have something to help your business. We know that your company is important to you, as is your reputation for producing high quality products within a fast and reliable timeline and our machinery has been built and produced for this very purpose.

Finishing equipment is a fine process. Even the tiniest of imperfections in the equipment, could have an impact on the quality of finished goods. Leaving tiny metal burrs, or indentations on machinery parts is a guaranteed way to halt production, often leading to wastage of both materials and time. So what can be done about this?

Our range of machinery has been designed by experts with many years in the industry. Each model offers a unique set of processes that have been built to make your working life easier and to ensure that your valuable machinery is looked after, as well as you are. To aid the process of smoothing and deburring, our aluminium grinding machine the F200 has been equipped to handle small workpieces of between 10 and 200mm.

The F200 features a brush-height tracking system, which has been especially designed by our team of experts and is operated with a simple button system. Together with its two processing stations and choice of either vacuum or magnet based units, this ensures that this machine is both extremely efficient and very user friendly.

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At Q-Fin, we like to do things differently. Why? Because you’ll never be the greatest if you only look at others. To us, becoming the best isn’t a goal in itself. But the competitive advantage that you gain from working with our machines, is.

We help organisations that want to make a lasting impression.
Those who believe that simple production processes are not obstacles, but opportunities to distinguish themselves from the rest. Just as we also strive to stand out.

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