Aluminium Finishing

To achieve high quality results, you need high quality equipment. At Q-fin, we take pride in our machinery, offering our customers only the most professional and reliable options. We know how vital it is to achieve maximum efficiency in your production line and guarantee that our products will help ease the problems of maintenance and finishing issues.

When it comes to aluminium finishing, we know that nothing less than perfection will be good enough for your business. A smooth and untarnished finish is of the utmost importance and will allow you to offer your customers, the highest standard of production available.

One of our most popular pieces of equipment for this, is the TopGrinder. It is capable of working with both stainless steel and aluminium, to achieve impressive results with a fast turnaround. The equipment comes with a choice of either a vacuum or magnet system, depending on your preference and can operate with a maximum workpiece dimension of 780mm (with no maximum length).

This adjustability of this machinery allows you to determine your exact settings and is a far quicker process than standard manual deburring. You are able to control everything from the grinding pressure, to the choice of fittings. The head of the grinder is equipped with two holders, allowing you to use various attachments such as standard M14 fastening tools, to bowl brushes and grinders.

The quality of aluminium finishing offered by the TopGrinder, is impressive to say the least. With its double control safety mechanism, it offers an easy to operate, high quality and safe way of keeping your machinery in top condition at all times.

Q-Fin’s Ontbraammachine / afbraammachine F1200-2

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