Edge Breaker

It’s a tough world out there and to make sure your business survives, you have to be operating at the very top of your game. You need to be ahead of your rivals every step of the way. To ensure that your production line is a constant source of high quality goods, you really need to invest in the future of your machinery.

Pitting, burring and denting are forms of damage caused to your machinery by the natural process of wear and tear. It can’t be avoided but it can cause problems if ignored, so it is always vital to pinpoint the correct solution quickly. The size of burring can vary enormously, as can the machinery needed to handle it. In the case of larger burrs, an edge breaker machine is capable of tackling the toughest challenges.

Here at Q-fin, we understand the needs of your business and our experts are always on hand to help guide you to the best solution for your machinery. With its strong, abrasive belt, the F200 XL removes the burrs directly from the product surface, quickly and easily. There is a choice of belts, depending on the size and strength of the burrs and these can be changed within a minute.

The F200 XL comes with a starter kit which includes abrasives and grinding materials, to get you started. It also comes with a standard G80 brush and 5 abrasive belts to make sure you are up and running, in no time at all.