Deburring Steel

If you work in the metal processing industry, then you will be more than aware of the impact daily use has on your machinery. Hard impact metal processing wears down machinery parts, resulting in damage to production plates. Burrs, those inconvenient tiny metal spurs, are a natural result of general wear and tear in the metal industry. Along with pitting and denting, they can greatly reduce the quality and efficiency of machinery, leading to greater damage if left untreated.

Tough metal requires tougher machinery to make it perfect again and at Q-fin, we have machinery that has been designed to work well under pressure. When it comes to deburring steel, you can’t take any chances. You know you need the outcome to be as flawless as your finished productions and it’s worth investing in the best option on the market.

We recommend the F1200 machine for deburring steel, stainless steel, aluminium and synthetics. The F1200 is a market leader in its field and is able to handle a combination of different processes, specifically chosen for the individual needs of your machinery. You have full control over the choice of finish, as well as the degree of edge rounding, ensuring full control every step of the way.

The F1200 deburring steel machine comes with a choice of either vacuum support for non-ferrous metals, or a magnet option for ferrous metals. With speeds that are up to five times faster than other market options, it really is a leader in its field.