Burr Removal

As with any other business, the industrial metal cutting industry relies on both its machinery and its workforce, to ensure efficient production of goods. If either of these fail at any point in time, the results could be catastrophic and so the experts in this field, plan ahead for all contingencies.

With the amount of different processes your business will handle, from grinding, deburring and edge rounding, amongst others, it is essential that your equipment is of the highest quality. At Q-fin we only supply the most professional standard products to the trade, allowing your production line to continue without interruption.

Burr removal is an essential part of everyday life in the metal cutting industry and the way you choose to handle this, can either make or break your business. Technology has progressed by leaps and bounds in recent years and the days where burr removal had to be done by hand are thankfully long gone. Instead, we offer some of the finest machinery to tackle these maintenance issues, without risk to health, safety, or loss of business.

The F200 XL machine has been specifically designed for sheet components that cover a range of 10 – 200mm. It offers a unique vacuum system, that is capable of handling very small products, unlike some other models. It is an extended version of our F200 machine and can handle stainless steel, steel and aluminium. For further help and advice on this, or any other burr removal system, please contact our help team.

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