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When running a production of any kind, you need to rely on your staff, your materials and most importantly, your machinery. Metal finishing equipment is subjected to some of the harshest and most consistent usage, with parts becoming worn and damaged at an extremely fast rate. Left untreated, these machinery parts could become unusable and might lead to possible replacement. An unwelcome expense.

To avoid the regular replacements of machinery parts, you might wish to consider investing in a swing grinder. The production of automated and manually operated machinery, has progressed enormously in recent years and Q-fin are proud to be market leaders in their equipment. Designing and building machinery that tackles everyday problems of the metal cutting industry head on. They provide innovative and exciting technology, designed to streamline businesses like yours.

The ergonomically designed TopGrinder, is one of the most popular options in deburring machines. Working with a series of efficient processes, it grinds down the imperfections of metal machinery parts, leaving a surface that is able to be reused. The maximum dimensions that the TopGrinder can take is 780mm wide, there are no restrictions on length, as the sides of the unit are removable and so it may vary.

You should make sure the unit you are purchasing is able to handle the specific materials that your business deals with. In this case, the TopGrinder is able to process parts that consist of steel, stainless steel and aluminium, achieving impressive results with a very cost effective price.

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