Machine polishing

It is with the knowledge that many existing polishing machines cannot process small metals and workpieces, we designed our deburring machines. Besides a polishing machine, Q-Fin offers solutions for deburring and grinding small workpieces. Everything below 150 x 150 mm is not feasible for broader polishing machines. Our deburring machine is a large polishing machine, but then scaled back a few times. Workpieces of 20×20 mm are suddenly very big and 15×15 mm is in proportion the smallest size. 10×10 is even possible when the workpiece is not too thick. Up to 3 mm thickness, 10×10 mm can be done without a problem.

Because the proportions make much more sense due to the scaling back, the force of the vacuum is also much higher with the machine of Q-Fin, and workpieces are actually clamped during conveyance. For longer workpieces, the polishing machine even feature pressure roles so that these can also be safely conveyed. Because the workpieces are clamped down in a safe manner, more pressure can be put on the workpieces and therefore the edge rounding of the workpieces is also much better than with the average grinding machine. Q-Fin has the semi-automatic TopGrinder machine to give you metal product a high gloss polish finish.

When using the Q-Fin TopGrinder for this machine polishing ofcourse it is important that you that all the right steps, building up the grinding grit up to 800 – 1200 grit. After that the actual polishing starts.

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Q-Fin’s Ontbraammachine / afbraammachine F1200-2

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