Line grit finishing

With its automatic grinding machines, Q-Fin puts the perfect grinding machine on the market. Unique in its kind because of the standard powerful vacuum system, user-friendly thanks to the automatic brush-depth configuration, safe because of the finger safety button and door safety. In other words, the Fierde series offer the ideal grinding machine for both small (F200 XL) and larger (F1200) workpieces. Our fully automatic grinding machines are economical because of the long service life of grind and brush materials and its low power consumption. The ergonomics for this grinding machine also have been given due attention. The height adjustment is depicted digitally, the abrasive belt is easy to change and the material containers are removable. Compared to other grinding machines, the convey belt of the grinding machine of Q-Fin features a freely adjustable speed. Q-Fin has as its mission the professional production, delivery and service of high-quality grinding machines.

You can do line grit finishing with all our automatic grinding machines. The F200 and F200 XL for line graining sheet metal parts between 10 and 200 mm wide. The F600 for finishing parts up to 600 mm wide. And the F1200 for grinding metal pieces up to 1200 mm wide. You determine the surface finish. A brushed finish, line grain finishing e.g. K320 grit, Scotch-Brite (Medium, Fine, Very Fine)… everything is possible with the finishing machines made by Q-Fin. Quality made in Bergeijk, The Netherlands.


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