Source: / 26-04-2023


Perfectly cut pieces deserve nothing less than a perfect finish. Q-Fin machines, therefore, guarantee consistent quality from the first to the last piece, and all of this with the highest speed and efficiency in the market.

Text: Valérie Couplez

Those who attended Machineering will have noticed that the presence of Q-Fin was not by chance. It was located side by side with LVD, which plays a role in promotion and distribution in Belgium. “Nevertheless, it is important for us to be present here ourselves,” Patrick van Scherpenseel explains. “We wanted to showcase our capabilities because an increasing number of metal companies require a consistent finishing of pieces.” There was no shortage of interest during the trade show. In the next phase, metalworkers will be invited, just across the border in Bergeijk, for an extensive demonstration in the showroom.

User-Friendly Approach

Q-Fin distinguishes itself in the market with machines built on three pillars: quality, speed, and user-friendliness. “With our technology, we aim to make the life of the person at the machine more pleasant and safer. Instead of having to manually grind pieces, he can now simply place them in his Q-Fin machine. He only needs to enter three parameters to achieve the desired finish or choose a program. Incredibly simple. And let’s be honest, standing next to such a machine is much preferable to holding a grinding wheel in your hand, isn’t it?” summarizes Van Scherpenseel.

A Pleasant and Safe Working Environment

Moreover, these are not just any deburring and finishing machines. Users at Machineering could experience for themselves that they are the fastest and most innovative machines on the market. Three models were available for testing, including a wet suction system. “We’ve noticed that health is a concern for many. This is where our machines also make a difference because when grinding manually, there is a risk of inhaling harmful metal particles.