Niverplast, The Netherlands

When Niverplast, founded in 1986 and active for decades as a machine builder of packaging lines for the food industry among others, decided in 2019 to start producing some of the component parts in-house, it quickly became clear after acquiring a sheet laser that a deburring machine also needed to be purchased. Rough or sharp edges on the stainless steel (final) products are dangerous for both assembly workers and the end customer’s employees, making them highly undesirable.

Our choice fell on the Q-Fin machine due to several important factors.

  • Firstly, the compactness of the offered set of machines was crucial, given the limited space available at the initial stage. The footprint of the Q-Fin machines is optimal; they offer a lot of machine per square meter and the whole setup does not take up much space.
  • The price-quality ratio of the ‘Ultimate Set’ we purchased further convinced us: we felt we received great value for our money.
  • The short delivery time of the machine also played a significant role in our decision.
  • Additionally, the communication with Patrick and Anton from Q-Fin was always quick and pleasant, which greatly facilitated the process.

Q-Fin provided us with excellent support in finding a suitable solution. We brought various products to their showroom for testing, which went perfectly. Moreover, we visited Laserparts, where the machines could be seen in operation, which further strengthened our confidence in the Q-Fin machines.

The collaboration with Q-Fin, from the back-office to aftersales, has always been smooth. We have actually never experienced any malfunctions, and on the rare occasion that we did have a problem, we were quickly and professionally assisted, either remotely or through intervention by always friendly and skilled service technicians.

Overall, we have been a very satisfied customer of Q-Fin since 2019. They have definitely enabled us to deliver high-quality sheet metal products to our assembly colleagues and our end customers.

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