Source: BBR News Comprehensive-deburring / 19-03-2024


A machine that can deburr, grind, round off to a radius of over 2 mm, remove oxide layers and finish both in a linear and non-directional manner? Q-Fin attributes these capabilities to the SER1200. But that’s not all: all five processing stations are software-controlled, which allows the machine to be operated almost independently of the operator.


In the dynamic and demanding world of metalworking, where precision and efficiency are key success factors, Q-Fin Quality Finishing Machines is constantly taking steps to push the boundaries of innovation. As a leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality finishing machines for the metal industry, Q-Fin is committed to providing advanced technological solutions that have a significant impact on production processes.

The company, which now serves customers worldwide, also offers machines for dust extraction and handling for finishing machines in its portfolio. “It’s a strong offer,” promises Managing Director Anton Bax. But Q-Fin doesn’t leave it at that. Innovation is an indispensable pillar; continuous renewal is what the customer expects from him and his team. They have therefore addressed the increasing demand for a non-directional finish and the growing requirement for a machine with a radius of over 2 mm for panels up to 1,200 mm wide (this was already possible with the SER600 up to a width of 600 mm). The desire for further automation of the finishing process was also addressed. Q-Fin very consciously incorporated these needs into the development of an all-in-one machine, which is now installed worldwide.

Five stations, twenty engines
In the SER1200 Multibrush, as the machine is fully named, twenty motors control five stations. This enables an automated process for every possible finish, explains Bax. This includes deburring, grinding and rounding. This includes removing oxide layers, rounding with a radius of up to three millimeters and both linear and non-directional finishing. This makes the SER1200 a complete machine that, according to Bax, requires very little effort from the operator. “The operator can receive a production sheet from the ERP system, scan the corresponding QR code and use it to set up the program. Almost everything then runs automatically: All finishes are pre-programmed with their specific parameters and the machine calibrates itself.”

Technical innovation and user-friendliness
The speed and completeness of the SER1200 Multibrush in deburring and finishing processes are second to none. Thanks to an innovative combination of disc and round brushes (Multibrush), also known as “the ultimate combination” as Bax calls it, the machine can quickly produce a very large radius in a single pass. The disc brushes work from above to round off the product, while the round brushes work on the product from the side. This synergy ensures a fast and aesthetically pleasing radius.

The user-friendliness of the machine underlines Q-Fin’s innovative approach. The easy-to-use touchscreen, the option to set programs in advance and the use of a scanner to read QR codes make the machine extremely accessible and efficient to use. Brushes and abrasives can be changed in a matter of seconds, which further increases productivity.

Reproducible quality and Industry 4.0 integration
In addition, the software (Qonnect+) and the presettings ensure a high degree of reproducibility. With the automatic calibration of the abrasives, the machine ensures that the pressure on the products is always consistent. “The operator only has to enter the code again for the next series, whereupon the machine performs exactly the same machining operations. This minimizes the error rate and increases efficiency.” But what does this mean for the customer? “That depends on production, of course. Compared to other rotor machines on the market, the SER1200 Multibrush offers 20 percent more sanding surface – with fewer brushes. If a company runs an average production, this machine will pay for itself in two to three years. With continuous operation, the amortization period is reduced to one year.”

Integration with the Qonnect+ software makes the machine fully Industry 4.0-capable. This in-house developed software enables the machine to connect to ERP systems, AGVs or robots, making the entire process of deburring, rounding and finishing fully automatic. This level of automation and integration marks a significant advance in the metalworking industry and positions Q-Fin as an innovative market leader.

Good experiences
Customer satisfaction and experience with the machines are at the heart of Q-Fin’s success, and initial reactions to the SER1200 Multibrush have been exceptionally positive, says the manufacturer. Customers particularly appreciate the advanced automation functions, which considerably simplify the operation of the machine. “One specific benefit that is regularly highlighted is how the machine improves the logistical processes within production,” says Bax.

This increase in efficiency is largely due to the ability to set programs in advance and integrate them with work preparation, which means a significant improvement in both production quality and operational flexibility. Teams can work more effectively and the range of applications around the machine is expanded.

One notable achievement is the delivery of the SER1200 Multibrush in the TwinLine configuration (two SER1200 Multibrush machines plus a reversing unit) to a major German customer. This innovative set-up makes it possible to process products on both sides at high speed, which further increases productivity and efficiency.

Halved power consumption
Q-Fin presented the SER1200 in October 2022 during Euroblech in Hanover. Having won an innovation award at the 2020 edition of Euroblech, the company once again competed for the same prize at the last edition. And this time with the SER1200, for which Bax has a concrete picture of market interest. “We should achieve annual sales of around 15 to 20 units.”

The SER1200 weighs around 6,000 kilograms and is 4.1 meters long, 2.2 meters wide and 2.3 meters high. This is relatively large, notes Bax. “But on the other hand, a company can use this machine to carry out all the machining operations for which it would otherwise need three or four separate machines. What’s more, this machine consumes half as much electricity as those from other suppliers.” In response to demand for both non-directional finishing and a radius of 2 mm, the SER1200 Multibrush was ultimately developed into a machine that offers much, if not everything, according to Bax. “In our opinion, it is the most comprehensive machine on the market. What we can expand on is mainly the handling around the machine. But the perfect machine itself? In our opinion, it already exists.”