Source: PlaatBewerkingsNieuws / 14-10-2023

World First from Q-Fin: SER1200 Multibrush

All Finishing Options in One Machine

Q-Fin introduces the SER1200 Multibrush, a combination machine that quickly deburrs and rounds flat sheet parts while also providing them with a directionless finish. Furthermore, all processing stations in the machine can be fully controlled automatically, even from ERP. The machine manufacturer from Bergeijk presents this world-first at EuroBLECH.

At the beginning of this year, Q-Fin started developing a machine with the promise: all finishing options in one machine. The Q-Fin team sensed the need for such a solution in the market, where mechanical deburring, rounding, and finishing have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the high quality requirements imposed on sheet metal in various industries.

More Power

The efforts of the engineers have resulted in the SER1200 Multibrush, which has been extensively tested and further developed in Q-Fin’s own Experience Center in Bergeijk in recent times. Q-Fin owner Anton Bax and his employees are pleasantly surprised by the result. “It’s even better than we expected.” The primary requirement that Q-Fin set for the combination machine from the start was that it must have more power in all respects than the other available systems on the market. This has been achieved. The Multibrush brushes so aggressively that, during the tests, every effort had to be made to ensure that the sheet parts remained on the conveyor.

High-End Sheet Metal Workers

Others are already convinced of the qualities of this combination machine. The first unit will be installed at Arbel Las- en Plaatwerkindustrie in Valkenswaard in October. In January, Van Bussel Metaaltechniek in Asten can expect its machine. These two initial customers are precisely the end users that Q-Fin has in mind for this machine: high-end sheet metal workers looking to embrace Industry 4.0. With this all-rounder, they can save many hours and achieve the perfect finish on their sheet metal.

Multiple Configurations Possible

The Multibrush accommodates various units placed in a line one after the other. Depending on the specific needs and applications of the customer, different configurations are possible, with multiple (up to a maximum of five) processing stations. The first station can be a slag remover to eliminate slag from cut parts. Alternatively, it can be equipped with a grinding belt to remove burrs or, if desired, apply a smooth linear finish. The subsequent station with counter-rotating comb brushes can round the sheet part and give the surface a uniform finish. These are all techniques that Q-Fin has been applying in its machines for years. What’s new for Q-Fin are the Multibrush round brushes for a directionless finish in the next station. However, a 20 percent improvement has been made in this technique compared to existing systems. This station in the Multibrush machine has as many as six brushes that can move in three directions. “As a result, our brushes swirl much more than other brush systems,” says Bax. A grinding belt can be placed as the last processing station behind the round brushes.

User-Friendly Operation

Considerable attention has been paid to user-friendly operation. With the latest software, the operator can intuitively control the touchscreen at the front, and the machine essentially configures itself. Q-Fin now supplies its machines with a program selection in the control menu. This also applies to the new Multibrush. The operator can choose from several preset programs on the HMI screen, such as a specific finish and/or a significant rounding, combined with the appropriate material thickness. In addition, they can create their own programs for products that are used regularly. After calibrating the brushes and selecting the right program, the machine automatically sets the correct brush directions, rotation, and feed speeds, ensuring the reproducibility of product quality. The software is also ready for integration with a barcode scanner, which is also on the machine. This allows a program to be scanned, after which the Multibrush runs automatically. Loading programs from ERP automatically is also possible. The machine can be controlled and monitored remotely from a tablet or laptop.

In Q-Fin’s Experience Center, several sheet metal parts that have been processed by the Multibrush are already available, illustrating the numerous possibilities: larger and smaller parts with various internal and external contours, thin stainless steel material, and thicker steel parts. “For anyone looking to achieve a significant rounding on steel, this machine works perfectly due to the combination of two different brush systems,” says Anton Bax.

Q-Fin is set to make a big splash with the Multibrush at EuroBLECH. The world premiere from Bergeijk is also in the running for the EuroBLECH Awards in the surface technology category.

Q-Fin Quality Finishing Machines Hall 12, Booth H93