Source: Blechnet / 30-10-2023

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Machines, software, and handling solutions for deburring

Q-Fin Quality Finishing Machines specializes in the development, construction, and delivery of solutions for deburring, rounding, and finishing of sheet metal. This also includes solutions with robots, reversing stations, conveyors, and lifting devices.

For this purpose, the company established the “Q-Fin Handling Solutions” department last year. This new department was founded in response to frequent staff turnover and a shortage of labor in sheet metal processing companies, resulting in a decrease in product quality, as stated in a press release.

In addition to facilities such as robots, reversing stations, conveyors, and lifting aids, the deburring process and handling need to be integrated into the customer’s production process through software. An essential requirement for this is the comprehensive software configuration of the deburring machines, which is already present in Q-Fin machines, making them “4.0 ready.”

To make this possible, Q-Fin, in collaboration with several partners, has developed a platform for this purpose called “Qonnect+.” Along with these partners, there is now a universal API available that can communicate with ERP/MES systems, AGV’s, 3D vision systems, and robots. MKG is already the first ERP software provider successfully communicating with Qonnect+, allowing final sheet metal processing to be fully entered into the ERP package. These processes are scheduled, and the final processing steps are automatically loaded into the deburring machine. Once the task is completed, the Q-Fin machine can report this as finished in the ERP system.

Fully automated installation

At Blechexpo, Q-Fin will present a fully automated installation to the general public for the first time. Robots play a crucial role in this setup as they autonomously pick up the sheet metal pieces from a pallet and place them on the feed belt of the Q-Fin deburring machine. Subsequently, the sheet metal pieces are fully automatically guided and processed through the deburring machine. An indispensable element in this equipment and in the automation process of handling the sheet metal pieces around the machine is the use of 3D vision technology. This technology enables the quick and precise detection and pickup of sheet metal pieces, even if they have complex contours, many holes, varying sizes, thicknesses, and more.

A new building for Q-Fin Handling Solutions is currently under construction in Bergeijk, right next to the existing building of Q-Fin Quality Finishing Machines. Once this building is completed, various operational facilities will be on display, automating the handling processes around deburring, rounding, and finishing sheet metal pieces.

Q-Fin at Blechexpo: Hall 5, Booth 5407.